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Academic Counseling

The Saint Elizabeth curriculum aims to teach the student to think critically, to discover knowledge, to analyze and synthesize, to personalize and communicate what she or he has learned. The student is encouraged to develop his or her religious, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical abilities, and to become aware of and to respect these same qualities in others. The student learns how to learn both as a preparation for post secondary education and as a tool for life. Academic Counseling assists with monitoring the academic progress of students from year to year and provides guidance for course selection, graduation requirements, tutoring support, summer school, and accelerated program enrollment. 


Education Counseling respects each student’s individuality by helping students become aware both of their own potential and of the educational opportunities open to them. The school presumes that by his or her enrollment the student and their parents concur with the curricular program offered. The counseling department, including the teachers, works with each student to offer curricular information and answer questions.


College Counseling is available for all students with particular emphasis at the junior and senior level on post secondary education planning. The college counselor assists students to articulate realistic goals and advises students and their families through the college selection, application, and enrollment process. Career information, college visits, college comparison resources, scholarship and financial aid for college are all offered through the college counseling office. The students are encouraged to become more independent in planning and follow-up. As a gradual preparation for college life, every opportunity for placing the responsibility more and more on the student is utilized. Representatives from colleges are frequently available on campus.


Standardized Testing is administered through the counseling department. Counselors assist with the interpretation of standardized testing for students in each grade level. Tests administered annually are the High School Placement Test (Prospective Freshmen), EXPLORE ACT (Freshmen), PLAN ACT (Sophomores), PSAT (Juniors), and the IOWA Tests of Education Development (Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12). All juniors and seniors are assisted with preparation and registration for the ACT and SAT college entrance examinations.


Personal Counseling is available to provide individual counseling on matters of a personal nature. In today’s society there are extreme pressures on the family. Teenagers are often inadequately prepared to deal with the radical changes occurring in their lives. Personal counseling services seek to assist students to face issues and problems without becoming involved in self-destructive behavior. Teachers also are encouraged to make referrals to have individual students see a counselor. Parents are encouraged to contact the school counselors for either personal or academic issues or concerns. Feedback is also given to parents and teachers as long as it does not breech the confidential relationship with the student. If a student is experiencing more severe personal problems, then the counselor will act as a referral source for outside psychological therapy. Adolescents may become troubled over personal issues. Counselors are prepared to help students deal with these issues and aid them in finding the appropriate assistance that they may need. The campus ministry program also offers pastoral, moral and spiritual support counseling.