St. Elizabeth High School

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Donate Food, Get Parent Hours!

May 1, 2017


To:      All Families

Re:     Donations for end of year celebrations and fulfillment of volunteer hours

We need your help, please.  We have two special events planned for the end of the year and we’re asking for donations from our families.  Please consider providing any item(s) listed below.  Each donation will count as one volunteer hour.

Wed., 5/24, All Student End of Year Party (deadline for donations Mon., 5/22)

Items _                                    Number Needed

20 oz bag of chips (assorted flavors)                    24

Case of 12 sodas (assorted flavors)                        14

Case of 24 bottled waters                             7

Dessert to serve 12 (assorted types)                    10

Hot dogs (8 pack)                                12

Hot Links (8 pack)                                12

Hot dog buns (8 pack)                            24

Frozen hamburgers patties (10 pack)                    14       

Hamburger buns (8 pack)                            18

Cheese (24 slice pack)                              6

Other item(s) (your choice)                            ??

Thurs., 5/25, Senior Family Luncheon (deadline for donations, Mon. 5/23)

Items _                                    Number Needed

Case of 24 bottled waters                             5

Case of 12 soda (assorted flavors)                         10

Other item(s) (your choice)                            ??

If you could, please bring all items to Ms. Portley before the deadlines so we’re sure to have everything needed to make these parties a success.  Thank you for your support and sharing your student(s) with us.  It’s been an honor getting to know them and privilege to serve you.


Joey Baker and Chellsea Rivera