St. Elizabeth High School

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ENGLISH 9: Intro to Literature

In this course, students will be introduced to a variety of literary works including short stories, poetry, novels, non-fiction, Shakespearean drama, and more. The class will establish a foundation of analytical reading and writing skills through the various works of literature we study. Students will also focus on the writing process, with an emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving skills, and developing vocabulary.


English 10

This course is aimed at honing writing, reading, and critical thinking skill within the domain of English. Students are frequently asked to challenge preconceived notions and create meaning from the abstract. Students will engage heavily in writing poetry, social justice, and Utopian and Anti-Utopian literature.



Humanities combines English and social studies in an examination of selected topics of importance.  The course focuses on the development of basic communication skills such as language, composition, spelling, reading, and library/study skills.  Students will be introduced to different forms of literature such as narrative poetry, the short story, and essays. Emphasis in all areas of learning is placed on subject matter fundamentals and development of study skills through the problem-solving approach to learning.


ENGLISH 11: American Literature

In American Literature, students will read a variety of stories, novels, plays and documents from the American literary canon. In developing a sense of what American Literature is, students will also improve their skills as readers, writers and speakers as they prepare for their senior year of English.


ENGLISH 12: World Literature

In this course, students will study selected authors who have influenced the world with their writing. Points of emphasis include concepts such as destiny vs. fate, censorship, roles and responsibilities of citizens, and overcoming adversity.



Students in this course will view and analyze a variety of films filled with thought provoking themes and concepts meant to inspire critical thinking and introspection. Students will explore both literature and film as art expressed by the authors and filmmakers.  Movies in class will address social, historical, economic, political, and artistic issues that are relevant to students’ lives in modern America.