St. Elizabeth High School

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Saint Elizabeth High School is a co-educational Catholic diocesan high school that provides a college preparatory curriculum and meets all criteria established for college and university requirements.

We are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC) and the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA). Our electives in the arts and sciences provide opportunities for students to explore personal areas of interest and develop as well-rounded persons. 

Graduation Requirements

In addition to the course requirements, all students complete at least 100 hours of Christian Service before graduation. 

Courses Years Units 
 Religious Studies  4     40 
 Social Studies  3  30 
 English     4 40 
 Mathematics  4 40 
 Science  3 30 
 Language other than English  3  30 
 Visual and Performing Arts  2  20 
 College Prep Electives  3 30 
 Physical Education  2  20 
 Total   280

Saint Elizabeth High School provides challenging, comprehensive, and relevant curricula for each student, because we want each person to be excited by the fact that learning and study open up new and exciting worlds to the learner, to become aware of how teachers facilitate the student's own education in life skills and truths, and to find excitement and satisfaction in their pursuit of truth and the beauty that accompanies it. We want our students to focus with passion on living the Word of God, and direct their life and work to issues of truth and justice.