St. Elizabeth High School

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Mission and Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy

Educating the heart as well as the mind.

Mission Statement

St. Elizabeth is a co-educational Catholic diocesan high school founded in the spirit of St. Francis and St. Dominic serving a diverse student population from Oakland and the surrounding communities. We are committed to fostering self-esteem; preparing students for college; and challenging them to live and proclaim the Gospel message, achieve academic success, and secure the skills necessary for life lived according to God’s plan.


The community of Saint Elizabeth High School believes that:

  • education has the power to liberate
  • parents are the primary educators of their children
  • students are ultimately responsible for their education
  • teachers, in partnership with parents, are the facilitators of learning
  • students from all social and economic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and academic abilities have access to a Catholic education
  • students are vested with dignity, worth, and values; and are empowered by God to attain their potential
  • education is not isolated, but interdependent with local, national, and global communities.